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A glimpse about Fition (Financial Solution)

FITION (pronunciation: Vision) started back in 2005, and we have partnered with many financial institutions around the world to provide family services for affluent and high-net-worth individuals. We reinvented our business model to become the first family office for affluent and high-net-worth individuals with investable assets starting at USD 1 million.



What is Wealth Management at Fition (Financial Solution)

It's a practice, a philosophy, a strong belief that the best way, we at Fition can work together is by exploring with you, and those ideas you have about your life, family, goals and financial freedom towards the future.

We understand that everyone is unique and different, that's why our approach is by getting to know you and your financial goals and what you'd like to achieve financially over time, so through our comprehensive financial planning, we can help you achieve it.

We look at all those areas you'll need to prepare for wealth management, such as :

  • Children's Education Plan customized to your preference,
  • Retirement plan that understand your needs,
  • Life insurance tailored to your life situation,
  • Health Insurance based on your budget,
  • Savings and Investment program adjusted to your risk profile
  • Corporate structuring
  • Legal advisory
  • Estate planning strategies to pass your wealth to the next generation


But our planning doesn't end there. It's also about progress, and we will help you to monitor it and building upon it. So your financial strategy continues to work toward the goals of financial freedom that you has set.



Managing Your Wealth
It begins with a conversation

What is important to you? At Fition (Financial Solution), that's where our conversation begins. Helping you find those answers is what your relationship with Fition (Financial Solution) is all about. And our approach is a simple one: We align our experienced team with powerful resources that can help you prepare for addressing your most meaningful financial milestones.


We're confident this is where we bring to bear our deep understanding and expertise. You're committed to protect all you've achieved through this point in your life. We can collaborate with you to help develop strategies to protect against risk, unexpected events or lack of information that could undo a lifetime of work.