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Our mission is to help clients and their families achieve and maintain their financial goals, That`s why at Fition (Financial Solution) , we develop our advisor`s lifelong practices through providing world class training. We groom them to be the most committed advisors to their clients and relentlessly guide our advisors to progress and upgrade, to remain relevant in this fast paced industry.

About Fition

FITION (pronunciation: Vision) started back in 2005, and we have partnered with many financial institutions around the world to provide family services for affluent and high-net-worth individuals. We reinvented our business model to become the first family office for affluent and high-net-worth individuals with investable assets starting at USD 1 million.

Our firm also provides advisory services for institutional clients who are looking to raise funds from domestic and international markets.

At Fition, we consider our clients as strategic partners, and by working with our clients as strategic partners, we create and execute winning solutions, which address our clients' most pressing strategic, financial and investment needs. We stand apart by building and maintaining solid partnerships with clients. Fition places our client relationships first and is proud to conduct our business based on five unwavering principles :


  • Client Focus,
  • Respect for the Individual,
  • Teamwork,
  • Accountability
  • Integrity
  • Excellence