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Starting a family

With all the anticipation and joy that comes with starting a family, having children also marks one of the most significant financial changes in parents’ lives. 


Our advisors will ensure the success of all wealth goals by planning for income replacement in the event of uncertainty

Saving for your children education

Children education is one of the biggest investment you ever make toward their future, and its a gift that keeps on giving. It can be more burdensome than you think. However, time is the key to build a good education fund, not money. No matter how you might be, you should start saving now. 

Fition able to help your, prepare for the ever increasing cost of higher education.

Maximizing your assets

Take control of your future by maximizing your investment opportunities to create a long term wealth, protect again risk and build a secure financial future for you and your family.


We make your assets and your money work for you by advising to invest in a diverse portfolio and according to your goal and risk profile.

Planning for your retirement

When it comes to planning for your retirement, now is always the best time to start. Retirement can be more expensive than you think, however, time is on your side because every cent makes a big difference when it come to early savings. Develop a plan to set up a sustainable retirement income.

Leaving a legacy and managing your estate

You've work hard to build your wealth, now its time to manage and protect it. Your asset portfolio could include a significant amount of liquid cash or cash equivalent. While there is security in these assets,the returns maybe negligible. On the other hand, higher return assets such as equities, properties and family business can be volatile to market conditiion and other complicating factors. 

A proper and solid estate planning will help your generations and families businesses keep on going.

Business Succesion

A business succession plan can help with the orderly transition of ownership and management of a business in the event of retirement, death and disability of one of the partners.Without proper planning,these situation can lead to an interuption or forced sale of a business. 

Business succession planning can ensure the remaining partners have the fund necessary to buy the individual business interest, or that potential buyer with the proper expertise is lined up ahead of time.

The plan can set the price of each individual's interest in the business. It can ensure the money will be available to transfer ownership of this interest and to potentially provide the deceased partner's family with the funds they need. 

Fition can help you to ensure the continuity of your business by provide you with Buy Sell Agreement and Key Person Insurance.