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Our wealth protection services ranging from simple income protection plans to estate planning for those with substantial assets to protect and maintain.


  • Fundraising
    Our specialists are experienced in assisting every type of client. The teams work closely with our highly active M&A advisors and fundraisers to facilitate the transactions they work on and leveraging their sector insight. Our teams and legal experts will also help you to minimize business risk from various risk potentials.

  • Debt capital market
    Our teams provide essential refinancing and debt capital markets advice to institutions. Our services include debt raising, refinancing and restructuring, private placement, acquisition financing, direct lending, and bond issuance advice to clients.

  • Equity capital market
    Advisory services are also provided with respect to optimal financing structure and raising equity capital from investors for companies to help them meet their funding needs for growth and expansion. Equities can be issued and listed on any Stock Exchanges around the World and can include Initial Public Offerings (“IPOs”) and other acceptable methods. These activities can range from public transactions to private placements with specialized investors.

Family office

Our firm is the first family office for affluent and high net worth individuals with investable assets starting from USD 1 million. We will provide full transparency and don't take any product commission. We only charge an agreed advisory and investment management fee.

Other services

  • Hedging solutions
    From FX to Commodities, we provide a complete spectrum of commodity and FX hedging solutions tailored to your needs.

  • Global citizenship
    More than ever, individuals are pursuing global citizenship and residence options as the most effective way to access previously unimagined opportunities. Either it’s a business, education, retirement, or other purposes, we integrate ourselves into the culture and legal practices of the countries in which we operate, thereby facilitating cross-border business.