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Wealth Accumulation: Planning the  appropriate and diversified financial strategies.


Wealth Distribution: Passing wealth and
future to the next generation.

Case Study

case study Face the Challange
John and Sandra, both age 30 years old and works as doctors, recently reviewed their future retirement plan.

Wealth Protection at Fition (Financial Solution) are services ranging from simple income protection plans to estate planning for those with substantial assets to protect and maintain.

Income Replacement

Still so many people are still uninsured or insufficiently insured. Most consumers focus on planning for day-to-day concerns, than on planning for the uncertainties in life like:

  • Premature, untimely death
  • Total permanent disability
  • Short, medium-term and prolonged medical bills and subsistence living needs.

Our advisors will ensure the success of all wealth goals by planning for income replacement in the event of uncertainty

Children Education

Parents will always want the best education for their children. With rising inflation rates and increasing tuition fees, sending children to university may seem like an uphill task.

How much does it really take to provide our next generation with a good education? Our advisors will help assist in building a plan that best suit the specific needs without compromising on current obligations and wealth needs.

Asset Protection

The goal of a comprehensive asset-protection plan is to prevent or significantly reduce risks of your business and personal assets. Unfortunately, if you're like most small-business owners, you are unaware of all the potential risks that can harm your business and the options available to protect your business and personal assets. An asset-protection plan employs legal strategies, put into place before a lawsuit or claim arises. Strategies used in asset-protection planning include separate legal structures or arrangements, such as corporations, partnership and trust.