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Wealth Protection: Simple to estate protection and planning.


Wealth Distribution: Passing wealth and future to the next generation.

Case Study

case study Face the Challange
John and Sandra, both age 30 years old and works as doctors, recently reviewed their future retirement plan.

We can help you understand the concepts of Wealth Accumulation through appropriate and diversified financial strategies whilst considering your current situation and objectives

Cash Flow and Budgeting

Many individuals overlook the need to maintain proper cash allocation by budgeting cash needs against cash flows. As part of our services, Fition (Financial Solution) Advisors works with you to plan for necessary cash outlays, to have funds available to reinvest or to have available liquidity for those unexpected situations.

Savings and Investment Planning

The need to save and invest cannot be overemphasized. At Fition, we take into consideration key areas like investment objectives and risk tolerance and current wealth situation before planning. Our advisors have access to a wide range of local and international products that range from short to medium-term deposits and investments funds and platforms.

Corporate and International Tax Planning

At Fition,our advisors can help you with tax planning issues including :

  • Determination of your residence and domicile status.
  • Tax treaty claims
  • Tax and compensation planning for temporary or permanent relocation.

In all of these we would work closely with your professional tax adviser.

Retirement Planning

Fition can help you develop an investment strategy designed to maximize income, and help you remain on track should your circumstances change.

  • Your income sources, tax status and allowances.
  • Your financial goals.
  • Your immediate and ongoing income requirements.
  • Education costs for your children or grandchildren.
  • Current or anticipated healthcare fees.
  • The amount you believe you'll need to fund your retirement.

Retirement plans must be reviewed periodically. Considerations include adjusting retirement living expenses with escalating inflation rates, annuities, existing portfolio and increasing medical expenses.